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A Different Dress by Hazel Palmer

Posted in Esoterica, Favourite Poems with tags , , on April 9, 2016 by James Munro

I shall be wearing
a different dress.
I’m used to this one –
very comfortable it was,
though not so any more –
and sometimes the removing
and the putting on
seem, from here
and now,
a tearing, a splitting,
or something like an amputation.

But there can be no question
that we shall recognise each other.
We’ll just be wearing
different clothes,
that’s all.


Another Time

Posted in My Poems with tags , , , on November 30, 2014 by James Munro

BTS cover

I kissed
you when your spear hissed
towards that mammoth lost in a silent day-dream,
slid through its eye.

I consoled you after Tibu, running to hide,
laughing, skipping along the banks of the old Nile in flood
slipped and fell;
and though I raced there, crashed
into the water, thrashed towards him
I could not
could not
before that crocodile
and the blood, blood of your child, everywhere.

In our cave, millennia before,
I know I watched you
as flames caught and licked
the little sticks I had laid,
you so young still in the dusk, cold and hungry,
eyes drinking in the fire,
waiting to be fed.

Another time,
I held you in my arms, an old, old woman,
held you so that you could breathe as
your heart laboured and failed –
thought I was helping you let go
when really you were helping me, who would not let you
and was holding, holding, holding …

The tide turns and flows: again I hold you in my arms,
this time young wife, young bride
once more.