BTS cover

I think what I’ve always liked
is your innocence.
You have the trusting eyes
the simple mind
of a child or a very young wildcat
or hind

or an as yet unwhipped bitch.
Once saw a bitch
on the filthy beach at Roches Noires
belly distended
paps hanging
gaze at me then go running into the sea
from the flies and a hail of stones thrown by jeering boys.
Those eyes.

The same eyes in despair.
She would worship any one of those boys
for a friendly word or a pat.
She seems
to remember in her dreams being petted
and dreams still
though now she knows life is not
like that.

Do all you girls and does and gentle bitches
who start with winning eyes
start also with a loving father-figure
and spend your lives
peering wistfully into the eyes of friends and passing strangers
seeking out
another who will love you


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